You know you have been in Ukraine for too long when…

Feeling like a Ukrainian? Have you been in Ukraine for too long? Have you assimilated, forgotten your native personality and started to behave like a Ukrainian? Here's a check-list to help you find out. You know you've been in Ukraine too long when: You put ukrop (dill) on everything. I mean EVERYTHING. Your not scared of the street dogs. You know how to shout at taxi-drivers to get a better price. You have two SIM cards. Cyrillic doesn't confuse you. You understand that if you put your girlfriends handbag on the table or (god forbid) the floor – she will probably leave you. You >>>

Ukrainian Football, Finance and National Identity. Talk by Yuri Bender, FT

Ukrainian Football, Finance and National Identity. Invitation to a talk by Yuri Bender, Editor-in-Chief, Professional Wealth Management, Financial Times We are delighted to invite you for a talk by Yuri Bender entitled Ukrainian Football, Finance and National Identity on Tuesday, February 28th 2012 at 7.00PM at the Ukrainian Institute in London. Yuri recently returned from a trip to Ukraine where he conducted more than 25 interviews with prominent political, business and football leaders for an article published in December’s edition of the FT’s Wealth magazine on preparations for >>>

Mедичний Інформаційний Центр

Щойно заснований проект Української Медичної Асоціації у Великобританії. Центр надає інформацію, поради та практичну підтримку всім українцям у Великобританії, які мають питання пов'язані з доступом до послуг охорони здоров'я. З іншого боку, клініка вивчає рівень проблем здоров'я українців у Великобританії і запрошує всіх >>>