Ukrainian Literary Club in London

The next meeting of the Ukrainian Literary Club will take place on Saturday, October 20th, at 11.00am at the Ukrainian Institute in London. This will be a special meeting of the club, as one of its members, Olena Yashchuk-Codet, will be presenting her literary debut Coffee with milk and pepper (“Кава з молоком та перцем”). The club is led by Volodymyr Oleyko, a distinguished Ukrainian poet living in London.  Readings and discussions are held in Ukrainian. All Welcome. Free Admission.  To receive a copy of Coffee with milk and pepper please send an email to  Olena >>>

What hope for Ukraine after October’s parliamentary elections? An attempt of a retrospective analysis of post-communist transformation. Lecture by Andriy Portnov, PhD

Photo: Чого Україні сподіватися від жовтневих виборів? Спроба ретроспективного аналізу посткомуністичної трансформації. The brand new series of lectures with the Cambridge Ukrainian Studies, a programme of the Department of Slavonic Studies at the University of Cambridge, at the Ukrainian Institute in London will kick-off on October 18, 2012. A number of excellent young scholars from Cambridge University’s department of Slavonic Studies researching Ukraine, as well as renowned >>>

Українки Чикаго дефілювали по центру міста у вишиванках

У центрі американського мегаполісу Чикаго українські дівчата символічно зняли верхній одяг. Втім, на відміну від одіозних активісток Фемен, на показ виставили не голі груди, а вишиванки. Зробили це вони для відео, яке нещодавно з'явилося в інтернеті з нагоди заходу "Міс українська діаспора". У ролику група молодих і привабливих >>>

New Programme in Innovation and Entrepreneurship launched in Ukraine

A new programme of Innovation and Entrepreneurship was launched at the Ukrainian Catholic University’s Lviv Business School ( LvBS), with eighteen students from across Ukraine already enrolled in the first programme. The Lviv Business School (LvBS) programme is aimed at developing a new generation of entrepreneurs and managers of innovative projects. MS in Innovation and Entrepreneurship LvBS uses interactive teaching methods and is focused on the formation of students as leaders and managers of innovative projects who are able to perceive change as an opportunity rather than a threat. The >>>

Короткий українсько-англійський словник ділової переписки

Short Ukrainian-English dictionary of business correspondence О Боже, це знову Ви... Thank you very much for your email. Якщо до завтра не надасте документи, нарікайте на себе. Тут вам не дитячий садок. We will do your best to proceed with your request however for the best result the documents should reach us not later than tomorrow. Ви читати вмієте? You can find this information below. Невже так складно підписати документ там, де потрібно? Please >>>

Statement on the adoption of a libel law in Ukraine

The Ukrainian Parliament has drafted a law that would make defamation punishable by up to five years in prison, restoring a Soviet-era practice that Ukraine abolished 11 years ago. Reporters Without Borders, an international media watchdog, has commented that the new bill would ”threaten the very existence of independent journalism.” Below is the statement of the Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU) on the adoption of a libel law in Ukraine. The Ukrainian Institute in London is an affiliate of UCU. By itself, libel is an anti-spiritual and antisocial phenomenon as it distorts the truth >>>