New Year’s Eve on Euromaidan in Kyiv

Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians will be seeing in the New Year with their families and friends in central Kyiv on Independence Square on December 31st. The peaceful protests that have been taking place non-stop for over a month will have a celebratory mood on New Year’s eve with fireworks and a new world record being planned for the Guinness Book of Records.  Dozens of Brits are already in Kyiv, together with many Ukrainians that permanently reside in the UK, and will all be out on Euromaidan on December 31st. The Union flag is flying high on the main Christmas tree >>>

Appeal of the Lviv Business School of the Ukrainian Catholic University to the business elite of Ukraine

History repeats itself. We see it.  Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. For Ukraine – a democracy and economy stuck at the crossroads of old and new, of controlled and free – that time is now. The people, who lived through several deep historical traumas, including genocides, are finally attempting to define their own, independent space, are yearning to control their own economic and national destiny. Twenty-two years after its declaration of independence, which culminated with the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Ukrainian nation finds itself in >>>

A Revolution of Human Dignity

by Andy Hunder It beggars belief that in this age, on the continent of Europe, an acknowledged beacon of civilisation and equality, 45 million people must bear the injustices imposed on them by a corrupt and self-absorbed kleptocracy. That is what millions of Ukrainians have been living with for years – a system that is decayed and crooked at its core. A system where only the privileged few reap rewards, and whose values seem to be based solely on greed and oppression. The people of Ukraine have said, ‘Enough! The time has come for change.’ In the words of Victor >>>

Peaceful protests continue in London in support of Ukraine’s brave demonstrators

Hundreds of Ukrainians living in the UK have been holding daily protests in London over the past three weeks ever since mass demonstrations hit the streets of the Ukrainian capital Kyiv last month, where hundreds of thousands of people are demanding European values and human dignity.  The first protest in London took place on November 23 outside the Houses of Parliament in Westminster, with pickets and rallies continuing in different locations across the capital, including the Ukrainian and Russian embassies, and next to the £136 million luxury One Hyde Park flat owned >>>

UCU Students Stand Firm for Freedom and Dignity in Ukraine

The Ukrainian government led by President Viktor Yanukovych and Prime Minister Mykola Azarov is facing a third week of mass nationwide protests and demonstrations, initially sparked by the president’s decision not to sign an association agreement with the European Union, scheduled to take place 29 November. The rallies have rapidly grown in scope due to the brutality of the special police forces, who violently attacked peaceful protesters and journalists in Kyiv November 30 and again December 1 (read UCU Statement on Violent Suppression).  A new, younger generation of Ukrainians – beautifully, >>>

London EuroMaidan – Rally in support of Ukrainian Protesters

Ukrainians in London will be gathering every evening this week in support of Ukraine’s European integration. A rally will be taking place at 5.00PM outside the Houses of Parliament, and 2.00PM on Saturday and Sunday. For updates please follow >>>

UCU Concerned About Security Services’ Attempts to Put Pressure on the University and Students

On December 9 police investigators came to UCU to ask the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities for a list of students who participated in the civil demonstrations – in Euromaidan. “I wouldn’t say that this is repression, but this is an attempt to intimidate our students and an attempt to put pressure on the university,” said the rector of UCU, Fr. Dr. Bohdan Prakh. “An investigator and two police officers (who didn’t introduce themselves) came to UCU. They came with no summons. They wanted ‘only to interview the dean about the participation of students of UCU >>>

Declaration by the Ukrainian Catholic University of Civil Disobedience

Declaration by the Ukrainian Catholic University of Civil Disobedience Last night in Kyiv human blood was spilled again. Brutal invaders again attacked peaceful demonstrators. Human Rights Day turned into the Day of Cruelty Against Peaceful People. President Yanukovych has not learned anything. No one has persuaded him and nothing has stopped him. He and his government are choking in their own impunity and ostensible power. Even the scant opportunity for dialogue that the people gave him was trampled on. This terrible night of Euromaidan, if not for the heroic opposition >>>