Petition calling for sanctions against President Viktor Yanukovych

The Euromaidan Working Group in London has been collecting signatures to a petition calling for sanctions against President Viktor Yanukovych and all those responsible for the violation of Human Rights in Ukraine.  It is due to be delivered to PM David Cameron at the end of this month. There is still time for anyone wishing to collect signatures to do so by downloading the petition here and returning it with signatures by no later than 23 January to The Euromaidan Working Group, c/o 49 Linden Gardens, London W2 4HG.   >>>

Authorities threaten to outlaw the Catholic Church in Ukraine

Ukrainian authorities have formally warned the Ukrainian Catholic Church that it faces the risk of being deprived of it legal registration as a result of the Church’s support and prayerful communion with the peaceful protestors on the streets of the capital Kyiv (Kiev). The former Soviet state’s Ministry of Culture has written to the Head of the Ukrainian Catholic Church with a threat that Ukraine’s government will take measures to revoke the Church’s legal status if the Church’s clergy continues to lead prayers together with the protesters.  Ministry of Culture >>>

Statement of the Ukrainian Catholic University on the Further Deterioration of the Sociopolitical Situation in Ukraine

Statement of the Ukrainian Catholic University on the Further Deterioration of the Sociopolitical Situation in Ukraine 17 January 2014 Not everyone in Ukraine celebrated Christmas: the authorities used this time to prepare a package of laws that will transform Ukraine into a police state. The authorities took the next step that will lead to a further escalation of political opposition and tension in society. The deputies from the pro-government party must have known that the demonstrative violation of regulations in passing law # 3879 makes it illegitimate and unacceptable in the eyes of the people. >>>

UBCC Ukrainian Christmas Reception

UKRAINIAN-BRITISH CITY CLUB (UBCC) presents Ukrainian Christmas Reception Tuesday 14 January 2014 London, UK Reception: 18:00 – 21:00 Speeches: 19:00 Christmas celebrations in Ukraine last from 6 January, when families have traditional Christmas Eve supper, to 19 January, the day of Vodohrestya (baptism by water) epitomising the tradition of christening in waters of river Jordan. The UBCC would once again like to give its members an opportunity to celebrate Christmas one more time before the festive season is over. The Ukrainian Christmas Reception will take place at >>>

Ukrainian Christmas Eve and Christmas Day on Euromaidan in Kyiv

Thousands of Ukrainians will be celebrating Ukrainian Christmas with their families and friends in central Kyiv on Independence Square on January 6th and 7th. The peaceful protests that have been taking place non-stop for over a month will have a celebratory mood throughout Christmas with plenty of carol singing and traditional Christmas traditions. Dozens of Brits are already in Kyiv, together with many Ukrainians that permanently reside in the UK, and will all be out on Euromaidan on January 6th. The Union flag is flying high on the main Christmas tree in Kyiv showing >>>

Ukrainian Christmas Greetings from London

2014 – A year of great hope for Ukraine Dear Friends,  On January 7th Ukrainians will be celebrating Christmas and this year the Nativity will be a very special season – a time of great hope and anticipation of historic change.  Over the past 50 days millions of Ukrainians have demonstrated great courage by coming out on to the streets of Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine demanding an end to the corrupt and kleptomaniacal system that currently rules the country.  The peaceful protests are continuing with hundreds of thousands of demonstrators planning to spend Christmas >>>