“Mamushka. Recipes from Ukraine and Beyond” A talk by Olia Hercules. 17 December, 2015

“Despite a very diverse ethnic mix of my family, I feel Ukrainian, beyond any doubt,” says Olia Hercules, an author of “Mamushka. Recipes from Ukraine and beyond”. Olia spoke to a packed some of some 50 people at the Ukrainian Institute December 17, 2017. This event was greatly anticipated: many were eager to get to know Olia, whose book became an instant hit and TV appearances are drawing an ever growing pool of supporters. This is the first time the Ukrainian Institute made the recipe book a focal point of an event. Because there’s so much more in this book >>>

“In Wartime. Stories from Ukraine.” A talk and debate around the new book by Tim Judah

In Wartime: Stories from Ukraine (Tim Judah) – Book Launch Discussion                  On Thursday, December 11th, Tim Judah presented his latest book, In Wartime: Stories from Ukraine, in a discussion with Marina Pesenti, the director of the Ukrainian Institute in London. The Institute, which resumed its activities in September of this year, hosted an audience of approximately 30 people, who came to hear Judah’s experiences during his time in Ukraine during the conflict which began in 2013. Judah is a veteran war reporter who has travelled through >>>