Короткий українсько-англійський словник ділової переписки

Short Ukrainian-English dictionary of business correspondence О Боже, це знову Ви... Thank you very much for your email. Якщо до завтра не надасте документи, нарікайте на себе. Тут вам не дитячий садок. We will do your best to proceed with your request however for the best result the documents should reach us not later than tomorrow. Ви читати вмієте? You can find this information below. Невже так складно підписати документ там, де потрібно? Please >>>

Yes I’m from Ukraine and no …

YES I'm from Ukraine. NO it's not the part of Russia. YES I'm from Ukraine. NO I don't eat salo and drink vodka every day. YES I'm from Ukraine. NO we have another more famous Shevchenko. YES I'm from Ukraine. NO it's not in Asia. YES I'm from Ukraine. NO not all my software is stolen. YES I'm from Ukraine. NO my bones are not full of radiation. YES I'm from Ukraine. NO I'm neither cheap nor a prostitute. YES I'm from Ukraine. NO we don't have snow the whole year. YES I'm from Ukraine. NO Russian is not my language. Via: http://forko.livejournal.com/47671.html http://ihorswldx.blogspot.co.uk/2012/09/how-ukrainians-differ-from-russians.html https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=4577859734045   >>>

Dr. Mucz with his book Baba’s Kitchen Medicines at the Folklore Lunch at UofA

On Friday, April 13, 2012, the Kule Centre for Ukrainian and Canadian Folklore at the University of Alberta was honoured to have Dr. Michael Mucz as our speaker at the last Folklore Lunch of this academic year. During his presentation entitled "Tommorow is Too Late!" Dr. Mucz shared his research for the book Baba's Kitchen Medicines: Folk Remedies of Ukrainian Settlers in Western Canada. Dr. Mucz is a professor of biology at the University of Alberta. He started his research for the book as a botanical project while on sabbatical in 1992. Interested in all aspects of Ukrainian pioneers life, >>>