Holodomor memorial service in West London

A memorial service commemorating the Holodomor man-made famine in Ukraine will take place on Saturday, November 24th, at 3.00PM at the Holodomor memorial in London, 1A, Newton Avenue, London, W3, next to the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church.

Holodomor Remembrance Day, every 4th Saturday in November, marks one of most tragic episodes in world history – the 1932-33 Holodomor – when Stalin’s Soviet regime used famine as a weapon to murder millions of innocent men, women and children in an attempt to destroy the Ukrainian people.

Representatives of the Ukrainian Embassy, Ukrainian Orthodox and Catholic churches, Ukrainian organisations and schoolchildren will convene at the  memorial in West London for a religious requiem and wreath laying ceremony to honour the millions of Ukrainians who were killed during the man-made famine of 1932/33.

The Holodomor (Ukrainian: Голодомор, ‘Морити голодом’, literal translation Killing by hunger) was a man-made famine in the Ukrainian SSR between 1932 and 1933. During the famine, which is also known as the “terror-famine in Ukraine” and “famine-genocide inUkraine”, millions of Ukrainians died of starvation in a peacetime catastrophe unprecedented in the history of  Ukraine.

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