“In Wartime. Stories from Ukraine” New Book by Tim Judah. A talk with the author. 10 December , 2015, 7pm

tim-judah_01In this compelling book of reportage, Economist correspondent Tim Judah explores the impact of the ongoing conflict on the inhabitants of Ukraine.

Each section of the book is a story in itself: Judah meets with 91-year-old Mihailo Gasyuk, who remembers when Communist Party officials came to lecture his village near Lviv on collectivisation in 1939; a local mayor and mother, Elena Zhecheva, who explains how corruption blocks her and others from being able to do anything to make life better for the village; a former Soviet naval man who describes how in this conflict, the words ‘information war’ have replaced the term ‘propaganda’; and Natalya Kircheva, the deputy head of a primary school in Zhovtnevoe, who believes that “it is politicians fighting it out, not a people’s war.”

Filled with vivid, enlightening stories and illustrated with Judah’s own photographs from the region, In Wartime mixes people, stories, history, politics and reportage to delve into the experiences and attitudes of Ukrainians today.

About the Author

Tim Judah writes for the New York Review of Books and the Economist, most recently on the situation in Ukraine. In his career he has covered the aftermath of communism in Romania and Bulgaria and the war in Yugoslavia for The Times and the Economist. His most recent books are Kosovo: What Everyone Needs to Know and The Serbs: History, Myth and the Destruction of Yugoslavia.

Talk in moderated by Marina Pesenti, Director, Ukrainian Institute.

Tim Judah’s book will be available for sale at the event at a discounted rate.
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Date: 10 December 2015, 7pm

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