“Mamushka. Recipes from Ukraine and Beyond” New book by Olia Hercules. A talk with the author. 17 December, 2015, 7pm

herkules“Green borshch, bursting with the malachite hue of wilted sorrel” and “enciting smells of warm poppy seed cakes”. Welcome into the world of Olia Hercules, aka “Mamushka” who introduced  a whole different Ukraine to the Brits, the land of sunflower fields, sun-drenched tomatoes, with an amazing mix of cultures and flavors thrown in. Watch Olia’s video when she teaches the Brits to make Chicken Tabaka and a Ukrainian wedding korovai and they will make you feel proud and amused. Some have already spoken of Olia as a great ambassador for Ukraine, cutting through gloom of daily reports of war and corruption and making Ukraine shine.

Originally from Kakhovka in the south of Ukraine, she came to the success of “Mamushka” through a culinary career, which included working in Ottolenghi restaurant kitchen and developing recipes for a variety of food magazines, including Sainsbury’s and Jamie’s. She appeared in cookery shows: Red, Hot and Yummy, Guardian Cook and picked as Obverver Rising Star of 2015.

In her talk Olia will share her thoughts  on what makes her book stand out on a highly competitive market of British chefs and how her identity shines through her recipes.

Talk in moderated by Marina Pesenti, Director, Ukrainian Institute.

Olia Hercules’s book will be available for sale at the event.
Get your copy and an author’s autograph!

Date: December, 17, 2015, 7pm

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