Ukrainian Literary Club meeting – discussing the works of contemporary writer Eugenia Kononenko

The next meeting of the Ukrainian Literary Club will take place on Saturday, November 24th, at 11.00am at the Ukrainian Institute in London. We will discuss the works of contemporary writer Eugenia Kononenko.  

Eugenia writes poetry, short stories and essays, stories and novels, several children’s books, a number of cultural explorations of the themes of popular culture and gender issues and journalistic articles. She has received recognition for her short fiction: short stories, novels and essays, translated and the subject of research in Ukraine and abroad.  Eugenia’s works have been translated and published in Ukrainian, English, German, French, Croatian, Finnish, Czech, Russian, Polish, Belarusian and Japanese.

The club is led by Volodymyr Oleyko, a distinguished Ukrainian poet living in London.

Readings and discussions are held in Ukrainian. All Welcome. Free Admission.

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